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About us

The sphere of hotel business is actively developing due to the growing demand for services in this sector. Along with this, not only the number of objects providing hospitality services is growing, but the quality of services is also significantly improved, because even in provincial cities, western and European standards are actively introduced. All this causes a surge of competition in this sphere, which pushes owners of houses of entertainment with varying degrees of comfort to think about buying franchises of world-renowned hotels. Hotel Franchise LTD is an international company, which connects the owners of the hotel business and the famous hotel brands. Over the years, we have been engaged in franchising deals for hotels that want to get in touch with a well-known brand and get an opportunity to work on first-class strategies in capital cities and regions. We are experts in franchising in the field of hospitality and work in more than 60 countries of the world.

Today Hotel Franchise LTD takes a leading position in the field of providing services for the design of franchises in the hotel business. This is due not only to the fact that the company has a team of real professionals, but also because we were among the first to start selling franchises in this sphere. For many years we have established relations with our partners and have reliable contacts in the hotel business. The lump-sum contribution of the franchise purchase through Hotel Franchise LTD is $ 5,000,000, excluding the cost of the hotel complex, so we work mainly with representatives of the medium and large hotel business who want to be part of a large world-known holding company. In return, our clients get a contract with a large hotel network, which deserves recognition, most of which work in a 50% franchise ratio, while the other 50% are managed by the company itself. The franchise in the hotel business allows hotels without a name to acquire a corporate identity and achieve international standards, which in turn provides an opportunity to solve any marketing problems.

If you are interested in buying a franchise of well-known hotel brands in your country, please contact The specialists of the company will conduct a qualified consultation and answer all your questions, as well as get acquainted with the specifics of acquiring a franchise and will contact the hotel holding company of your interest. For quick interaction with company specialists, make a transaction of $ 25,000, which will confirm the seriousness of your intentions. This is a forced measure, which we implemented because of the large flow of customers and partners.