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Representatives of the company have the opportunity to increase their profitability from raising funds in the project. A special bonus program was developed by the marketing department of Hotel Franchise. According to its terms, additional profit is accrued separately from the success of attracting on the first line. You have the opportunity to earn a good income simply by distributing information about our project. For the total amount of attracted funds of the first line, you will receive the following amount of bonuses (bonuses are accrued irrespective of the currency of attracted funds, the rate is calculated in accordance with the quotes on the Binance):

Team Turnover0.25 BTC
Team Turnover0.5 BTC
Team Turnover1 BTC
Team Turnover2 BTC
Team Turnover3 BTC
Team Turnover5 BTC
Team Turnover10 BTC
Team Turnover20 BTC
Bonus0.015 BTC
Bonus0.02 BTC
Bonus0.05 BTC
Bonus0.1 BTC
Bonus0.12 BTC
Bonus0.25 BTC
Bonus0.75 BTC
Bonus1.5 BTC

The bonus will be credited to the account balance in case of reaching a certain level of turnover structure, as well as sending an application for a bonus at Support Telegram @hotel_franchise or After reviewing the application and reconciling data on the attracted deposits, the bonus will be sent within 24 hours.

In the future, we plan to add an achievement table for the affiliate program on the project site.

Stable earnings with the leading company in the hotel franchise market