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Hotel Franchise LTD cooperates with private investors, and these relationships are regulated by the current legislation and the terms of use the investment resource described below.

  1. General Provisions
    1. By registering on the website of the project, the user confirms that he has studied the provisions of these Terms, is acquainted with the investment conditions and agrees to the processing of personal data specified by him during registration and cooperation with the project.
    2. The provisions of these Terms can be changed if the project management deems it necessary. In this case, the users of the project will not be notified, therefore the responsibility for knowing the current version of the Terms lies with the clients of the company.
    3. If any terms item seems to the user unacceptable, then in this case we advise to immediately leave the site of the investment resource and do not use the proposed opportunity to create an account.
  2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties
    1. The registered participant of the project has the right to use or ignore the investment and partner proposal of the project, as well as all offered actions, bonuses, other proposals to be submitted by the project organizers.
    2. Cooperation with Hotel Franchise LTD takes place only through a personal account, registration of which is free of charge and is available to all adult users who wish to cooperate with the project.
    3. The company reserves the right to block accounts of participants, who violate the Terms of the project, in particular, create multiple accounts. In this case, the accounts of such violators will be blocked along with funds on them without the right to recover.
    4. The company is not responsible for the consequences of disclosure by a user of data to enter his account to third parties.
    5. Hotel Franchise LTD is obliged to provide uninterrupted access to the investment resource and ensure a safe and correct connection. The company is not responsible for problems with access to the resource through the fault of the provider.
    6. The funds deposited as a deposit are not subject to early withdrawal and will operate under the terms of the current investment tariff.
  3. Final Provisions
    1. Changes to these Terms come into effect immediately after publication on the investment resource of Hotel Franchise LTD.
    2. Both sides are not responsible for non-compliance with their obligations, which are caused by force majeure circumstances (natural disasters, military conflicts, catastrophes, political regime change, etc.).
    3. The investor, investing in the activities of Hotel Franchise LTD, realizes the possible risks and assumes all responsibility for the occurrence of unforeseen situations that can lead to loss of investments.